Independent Physician Champions

Look to our top performers to see what’s possible through a Premier partnership


Dedication to Quality Care Pays

The purpose of an ACO is to provide higher-quality, streamlined care and a better service experience to the patient. This focus leads to a healthier patient population and subsequent cost savings.

The Premier PHC ACO model is built to help independent physicians work smarter, focusing efforts and care where it will do the most good. Our programs and technology take the guesswork out of quality, and the more independent physicians embrace these tools, the more they earn.

Within our ACO, patients benefit from better health and quality of life and our Partner Physicians enjoy greater stability and income.

Our top 10 performers in 2015 shared savings demonstrate what’s possible with Premier.


Rank Bonus Earnings # of Patients
1 $260,790.90 606
2 $212,510.00 715
3 $206,988.70 622
4 $175,474.10 384
5 $169,385.20 361
6 $163,182.20 248
7 $152.413.80 341
8 $142,306.70 238
9 $137,322.10 392
10 $123,940.50 264