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Premier’s online technology suite is so good at building success and savings that it’s become a sought after industry solution.

Healthier Patients

Our population health tools help bring focused care and better outcomes to those patients who need it most.

Financial Health

Our tools don’t just empower better care and outcomes; they give physicians control over a more profitable future.

Wiseman’s Healthcare Technology Suite*

Successfully navigating value-based care requires inspired systems and solutions. With this in mind, we are pleased to partner with Wiseman, an innovative, sophisticated suite of applications designed to equip you for success. Wiseman provides you with the online tools, resources, guidance and support you need to seamlessly coordinate high-risk beneficiary care, helping you to achieve better patient outcome and increased revenue.

360 DeepLearn®

ACO financial performance

360 Care Manager®

High-risk patient management

360 Capture®

Integrated, simplified billing

360 DeepLearn®

DeepLearn is the primary module for physicians, staff, management, analysts and specialty teams. It uses two powerful predictive analytics engines for clinical, financial and lab based predictions to guide better health and wellness. It takes previously inaccessible lab and utilization data and extrapolates real-time, achievable action plans via easy-to-use dashboards that help prioritize intervention by patients who need it most. It is designed to suggest the shortest path to ROI by identifying the 20% of actions that will result in 80% financial and clinical gains.  DeepLearn includes a special on the go physician dashboard that provides a more agile and simplified way for doctors to get quick, big-picture updates when treating or following-up on patients outside of the practice setting.

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360 Care Manager®

As few as 5 to 7% of patients offer 60% of an organization’s improvement opportunities. 360 Care Manager® is a highly intelligent tool that identifies improvement opportunities at the individual patient level based on predictive analytics vs. past utilization and cost analysis. This powerful method allows for intervention that maximizes potential improvement and returns.

360 Capture®

Our comprehensive software for population health also includes an intuitive, powerful module to help simplify and facilitate billing. By using 360Capture physicians can spend significantly less time with billing – freeing them to spend more time and energy on patient care. Capture extends 360’s view of admitted patients to visiting providers at hospitals, SNFs, or other facilities and raises the quality of engagement to a whole new level.

Improve billing efficiency

More time with patients

Increase patient satisfaction

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Our EHR Initiative

CMS Meaningful Use guidelines require that physicians use certified electronic health (EHR) technology to improve quality, safety, efficiency and reduce health disparities in their patient population. Providers who fail to implement and certify an adequate EHR system will face rising penalties of up to $2 million over the next 1 – 2 years.

Premier doesn’t require providers to use any specific EHR, but for providers who don’t have one in place, we have a special program to help rapidly deploy and certify a powerful EHR system for their practice.

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*Wiseman Technology Suite is fully owned by Wiseman Innovation LLC, an independent technology company based out of Carrolton, Texas. Premier PPHC has been accorded the right to use the Licensed Technology for a mutually accepted term period. The license term implicitly or explicitly accords no ownership rights over the technology and does not allow the licensee to carry out derivative or transformative work. Licensed Technology means any and all technology that is owned or controlled by Wiseman Innovation LLC as of the Effective Date which includes 360 Platform®, 360 DeepLearn®, 360 Ribbon®, 360 Care Manager®, 360 PatientTouch®, 360 BI, 360 E-Capture.