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Premier is here to help physicians thrive in an era of value-based care and population health management. Our proprietary programs and technologies, custom-built tools, and resources help physicians stay ahead of the healthcare learning curve, improve your patients’ health, and maximize efficiencies and income for your practice.

Premier Programs

Hospitalist Program

Premier hospitalists work as part of our caregiving team—with the primary doctor looped in—helping to care for patients who have been admitted to the hospital. This ensures better care coordination, safer transitions between necessary care settings, higher efficiencies, better outcomes and fewer avoidable readmissions.

Care Coordination

Premier’s care coordination and chronic condition management services provide a care team devoted to breaking the chronic illness cycle and getting patients back on the path to better health. Our care coordination team helps you help your patients to get the right care and in the right order—at no additional cost to your practice or to the patient.

Quality Capture

One of the greatest challenges to independent providers today is keeping up with quality capture and reporting guidelines. Failure to properly capture and report GPRO metrics will result in penalties and loss of income. Premier helps our providers crack the quality code with a simple, systematic approach to tackling quality metrics.

Revenue Cycle Management

We provide help with claims, billing and collections as well as coding compliance and trainings to help maximize available revenue and cash flow. Our proprietary technology dashboard provides you a real time snapshot of daily productivity, submissions, A/R, collections and more.

Front Office Staff Support

PMC can assist your front staff with patient-facing administrative efficiencies with services that include: patient satisfaction surveys, appointment scheduling assistance, referral management assistance, patient re-calls and follow-up and insurance eligibility and authorization management.

Preferred Ancillary Network

Our preferred ancillary network provides a seamless service experience to patients and physicians alike with easy referrals and preferred scheduling. What’s more, our preferred partners help us to maximize efficiency, leading to greater savings income for Premier and our partner physicians.

EMR/EHR Implementation

Premier does not require that our providers use any particular EMR system. However, for those providers who do not yet have an EMR system, we have special programs designed to help you quickly and easily implement a system for your practice that meets meaningful use requirements.

Account Management

Premier Management Company’s dedicated Account Managers bring a custom level of service and support to all of our partner physicians. They will provide on-site training and help to you and your office staff, helping you to make the most out of available programs and services.

Central Business Office*

Premier’s Central Business Office (CBO) will act as the core nervous system for our integrated network, providing your practice with valuable tools, support and programs that will help you grow your practice and foster healthier patients.


Streamlined Referral Process

Our call center handles patient referrals, guiding them to your preferred specialists and facilities.


Chronic Care Management

Clinical team engages high risk and multi-chronic patients to enroll them in CCM.


Prior Authorization

The CBO team manages prior authorizations and gathers needed documents for the referral.


Reporting and Data Sharing

After specialty or ancillary visits, care plans, call notes and action items are shared back with your practice.


AWV Scheduling/Close Quality Gaps

CBO schedules Annual Wellness Visits to assist with quality capture, as well as related labs and imaging for patients.

*Central Business Office service availability will be contingent upon the use of the Premier integrated delivery network and will be available to eligible practices beginning in 2017.

Meet Premier’s Core Businesses

Led by Premier Management Company, multiple company divisions help us bring our proven population management systems to different market segments. This creates a variety of contracting opportunities for our Partner Physicians while ensuring that patient care remains within our integrated network where we can better provide quality, cost-containment and satisfaction.

Premier Management Company logo

Premier Management Company

Premier Management Company (PMC) is the force behind all of our programs, technology and business divisions. With years of combined experience in revenue cycle services, practice management, ACO formation and operation, and healthcare contracting our management team has everything it takes to support and guide an ever-expanding Premier family.

Premier Patient Healthcare logo
Premier Patient Healthcare logo


Premier offers two Track 1 MSSP ACO options:

Premier Care Community (PCC) – provides an entry-level ACO path for providers new to the Premier family as well as existing providers who are more comfortable with more accessible performance standards. Learn More

Premier Patient Healthcare (Premier PHC) provides a next-level ACO path that recognizes and rewards legacy providers for their ongoing service and dedication to higher performance standards.

Premier Independent Physicians logo

Premier Independent Physicians (PIP)

Brick and mortar multi-specialty clinics established throughout Premiers key service areas to provide a convenient one-stop care experience for physicians and patients alike. PIP will also enable us to capture additional specialty revenue while keeping patients within our integrated network for most common specialties.

Premier Independent Physicians logo

Premier Ancillary Partners (PAS)

An integrated ancillary delivery network, PAS will allow us to provide seamless, direct ancillary care in an outpatient setting. This will save our organization over similar treatment in the institutional setting while unlocking new revenue streams for the organization and our partner physicians.

Premier Physician Group logo

Premier Physician Group

A first of its kind medical partnership in North Texas, PPG brings together our physician and hospital partners to provide a seamless, elevated care experience to our common patients in the institutional setting.

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Preferred Partner Program

Premier works to align with like-minded, quality ancillary service providers to ensure that patients have an optimal service and care experience and that physicians can feel confident in referring to a Premier Preferred Partner. These providers also share our goal of improving patient outcomes and organically controlling costs, and by working within this network our partner physicians can foster healthier patients while generating additional savings income for themselves.

Some of our Preferred Partners:

  • Encompass Home Health
  • Medical Imaging of Grapevine
  • Arlington Medical Imaging
  • Choice Cancer Care
  • Clinical Pathology Labs

Example Impact: Encompass


lower cost on average


reduction in related hospital encounters


reduction in related emergency room visits


reduction in related inpatient costs

Our Integrated Network

Premier offers an integrated network of specialty, ancillary and hospital providers with technology driving communication and connectivity. By working within this network, primary physicians can stay in the know and ensure that patients under the Premier umbrella no matter where they are seeking care.

Our Integrated Network

Premier offers an integrated network of specialty, ancillary and hospital providers with technology driving communication and connectivity. By working within this network, primary physicians can stay in the know and ensure that patients under the Premier umbrella no matter where they are seeking care.

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Our Specialty Providers

Premier’s network of connected specialists upholds our commitment to provide quality care and compassionate service to our patients.

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Premier Ancillary Services

Premier Ancillary Services provides seamless, direct care to patients in an outpatient setting, providing enhanced care transition coordination and an elevated service experience.

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