October 20, 2017

Premier Patient Healthcare: Medicare Shared Savings Program Performance Year 2016 Quality and Financial Results

Premier Patient Healthcare LLC (Premier PHC) ACO, generated $26.3 million in savings during 2016, their third year in the Medicare Shared Savings Program. Premier began their journey in December 2012 with 7 physician members who had a vision of building a better care-delivery model for physicians and patients in North Texas. Since then, they have grown to over 400 physicians strong, becoming a Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP) ACO in 2014.Unlike many other participants in the Medicare Shared Savings Program, Premier is physician-owned

Unlike many other participants in the Medicare Shared Savings Program, Premier is physician-owned and physician led, and our continued success under the program is a testament to the vital importance of independent physicians to the healthcare ecosystem.

Premier PHC has increased 2015 – 2016 shared savings by over 200% while staying true to our humble roots. The fact that we have achieved such significant gains without the reach and resources of larger institutional-owned ACOs makes our story even more remarkable. Whereas institutional players traditionally increase returns by encompassing expanding numbers of physicians and patient populations, premier has improved performance year over year by working with a tight core of partner physicians and focusing on inventive technology, care programs, and quality improvement initiatives.

Premier PHC achieved a quality score of 97.32% in 2016, improving over our historical performance, even though our quality measures benchmarks were stricter in 2016 than in previous years. We owe much of our quality initiatives’ success to our proprietary point of care technology solution, Wiseman 360°.

Our Wiseman 360° suite, a real-time predictive and performance monitoring solution, empowers physicians to coordinate preventive services, care, and disruptive intervention for patients who need it most. This helps fuel our quality improvements, increase efficiencies and drive better care, bringing improved health outcomes and quality of life to our patients while organically lowering the overall cost of care.

In 2017, we launched Wiseman Technology Innovations to bring the 360° suite to market in response to growing industry demand. Other current expansion initiatives include:

  • Premier Independent Physicians – Owned brick and mortar clinics that will extend our quality care to more patients both inside and outside Medicare ACO initiatives.
  • Medicare Advantage Expansion – Custom care network for Medicare Advantage patients developed in collaboration with major national insurers.
  • Immediate Care Hubs – Strategically placed centers offering standalone emergency centers, urgent care and radiology.

Future goals include establishing our own health plan, and expanding our successful care model to a wider, national audience. Ultimately, this will fuel our legacy, bringing more choice, freedom, and quality care to our patients while ensuring the continuance of a system built to champion and sustain independent physicians.

About Premier Patient Healthcare LLC

Premier Patient Healthcare LLC is a licensed Medicare ACO serving 5 regions in North Texas and Southern Oklahoma. Premier is a physician-owned, physician-led and patient-driven organization providing coordinated services to its beneficiaries, increasing quality while reducing cost. Premier ACO is accountable for more than 47,000 Medicare beneficiaries. As an ACO, Premier agrees to be accountable for the quality, cost, and overall care of Medicare beneficiaries who are enrolled in the traditional fee-for-service program, while allowing the member physicians to maintain their independence. To learn more about Premier PHC ACO visit To learn more about the premier family of companies, visit To learn more about Wiseman Technology Innovations, visit