Partner Physicians Averaged 90K in Shared Savings Revenue each in 2016

Premier helps physicians earn more and keep more of what they earn

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2016 Shared Savings Success

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of the premier team and our partner physicians, we achieved over $26,3 million in shared savings in 2016, an increase of more than 200% over 2015, making it our best year yet!


Premier Independent Physicians

Premier Independent Physicians (PIP) is our next step in providing more choices for stable, comfortable, convenient, quality care. Starting with 2 Premier-owned ultra-modern, clinic locations in 2017, we’ll eventually expand to over 34 locations throughout the DFW area.

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Expanding Our Promising ACO Future

Premier Care Community ACO will provide an entry for new physicians into the Premier family and Premier Patient Healthcare ACO will continue as a next-level ACO track that recognizes and rewards legacy providers for their ongoing service and dedication to higher performance standards.

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The Buck Grows Here

Every program and solution we offer is optimized to help physicians earn more and keep more of what they earn. To prove it, our ACO divisions pay participating physicians a more advantageous split than most ACOs throughout the nation.

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Putting Ourselves on the Map

We’ve come a long way since the 12 original founding physicians in 2012 and are now over 500 physicians strong and growing.

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Premier Ancillary Services (PAS)

Our integrated ancillary services unit, PAS, helps us to provide a better service experience to patients while maximizing efficiencies and capturing additional revenue for our division and physician partners.

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Why Go ACO?

The Affordable Care Act of 2010 ushered in a new era in healthcare, one that emphasizes quality-measured and cost-savings based payment structures. And even though we are only now at the beginnings of this shift, providers are already feeling negative effects of a value-based payment structure.

With penalties and restrictions rising under new regulations like MACRA and with competition from larger institutions competing for available revenue, independent physicians are at a critical crossroads. In order to survive, let alone thrive, in the new healthcare reality, it’s more important than ever for independent physicians to make careful alignment choices

Learn More About Accountable Care and MACRA


Learn More About Accountable Care and MACRA


50% of Medicare FFS will shift to value-based programs with risk sharing by 2019.


of physicians face stagnant or reduced income year over year.


of privately insured patients will fall under value-based payment structure by 2017.

Our Benefit to Physicians

With our experience leading the pack in MSSP success, Premier is an ideal partner for navigating change. Premier exists to uphold and support the independent physician, leveraging regulations in your favor, mitigating risk and providing stepwise, effective programs and technology to help you generate nearly uncapped income within the new value-based care reality. Premier also helps independent physicians diversify within and beyond Medicare, continually working to create new revenue opportunities including Medicare Advantage, commercial and commercial ACO lines of business.

5% additional income available to physicians who are part of a Premier ACO through new Medicare payment models.

Premier paid over $9.8 Million to our partner physicians in 2016.

Helping You Help Your Patients

Our patient-facing programs provide extra resources and support to help you help your patients build better health and quality of life. By helping with care coordination, we also free up more of your time, allowing you to give greater focus and attention to more patients.

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Premier at a Glance

Premier Core Businesses

Our family of businesses take the guesswork out of value-based care, and help independent physicians guide better-coordinated care for their patients.

Our Core Business Options

ACO & Shared Savings

Our legacy began with Premier PHC ACO—already one of the most successful MSSP ACO startups in its first two years out of the gate. From there we’ve built unique, replicable programs that take the guesswork out of Accountable Care for independent physicians and ACOs alike.

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Premier Solutions

Our every program and solution is built by physicians, for physicians in order to help independent providers work smarter, earning more and keeping more of what they earn.

Our Solutions

Our Difference

Above all else, we recognize the critical importance of independent physicians to a healthy, sustainable healthcare future. See how we succeed as an organization by helping independent physicians grow and flourish.

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Technology & Innovation

Powered by Wiseman’s Healthcare Technology Suite*, an in-demand solution for other ACOs and health management companies throughout the nation.

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Our Ecosystem

Our ACO model is one of the most advantageous in the industry—providing a no-risk/high-reward structure with simple entry requirements and a customizable growth path for independent physicians.

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Our Network Partners

Our robust care delivery network makes it easy for you and your patients to find convenient, quality specialty and ancillary care where and when you need it. Since our beginning, Premier has worked to find the best, local, like-minded providers who work in tandem with us to provide a seamless care experience while helping generate savings and revenue for Premier and for you, our Partner Physicians.

Working with Premier

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*Wiseman Technology Suite is fully owned by Wiseman Innovation LLC, an independent technology company based out of Carrolton, Texas. Premier PPHC has been accorded the right to use the Licensed Technology for a mutually accepted term period. The license term implicitly or explicitly accords no ownership rights over the technology and does not allow the licensee to carry out derivative or transformative work. Licensed Technology means any and all technology that is owned or controlled by Wiseman Innovation LLC as of the Effective Date which includes 360 Platform®, 360 DeepLearn®, 360 Ribbon®, 360 Care Manager®, 360 PatientTouch®, 360 BI, 360 E-Capture.