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Our Benefits to Patients

Premier Patient Healthcare ACO (Premier PHC) brings your doctors and other healthcare providers together as your very own care team. We also add an extra layer of service and support to the benefits you already get from your Original Medicare coverage. You can still go to any doctor, hospital or healthcare provider that accepts Original Medicare.

Now, that freedom of choice is a wonderful thing, but coordinating all of your care yourself can be tiring and sometimes frustrating. Some patients—especially those with chronic conditions— can spend all their free time arranging and accessing care without ever really getting better. Premier helps solve this problem by helping your doctor help you with better-coordinated care.

With Premier:

We help your doctor to better coordinate the right care you need and in the right order.

Patients have access to a Circle of Care of special programs designed to help you stay healthy at home (not in the hospital.)

Patients and caregivers can spend less time coordinating care and more time enjoying life.

Patients enjoy all the freedom of choice of their Original Medicare, only now with expertly guided care.

Patients have access to extra care and programs to help them better manage chronic conditions.


of Medicare beneficiaries have 2 or more chronic conditions


of Medicare beneficiaries have 4 or more chronic conditions


helps these beneficiaries enjoy better health

Our Patient Options

The Premier family of companies operates under the expert guidance of Premier Management Company, giving you many interconnected options for receiving primary and specialty care.


First, we have two Medicare Shared Savings ACOs—Premier Patient Healthcare ACO and Premier Care Community ACO. Medicare decides which beneficiaries can be assigned to these ACOs based upon criteria like past medical history and most frequently visited physicians.


Then, for those patients not assigned to one of our Medicare ACOs, Premier offers other options to access our special value-added programs through our Premier Independent Physician and Premier Ancillary Services clinics.


If you have any questions about ACO assignment, about your eligibility for other Premier programs and added benefits, ask your Primary Doctor or email our Patient Engagement team at

Our Patient Program and Services

Our Circle of Care

With Premier you get your very own dedicated care team helping to guide you along, including people like your primary doctor, specialists, hospitals and hospitalists, labs and ancillary providers and Premier care coordinators. All connected through our custom technology, your care team works together to keep you in what we call your Circle of Care.

The Circle of Care is engaged whenever you get care from our Premier Preferred Partner physicians, specialists, hospitals or ancillary services providers, outstanding community health providers dedicated to helping patients build better health and quality of life.

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Coordinated Care Programs

Did you know that after discharge, 20% of patients living with chronic conditions will return to the hospital for the same condition within 30 days simply because they aren’t getting the proper help to understand and manage their discharge and new medication instructions?

Premier Patient Health Care ACO (PPHC)’s care coordination program takes a proactive approach to improving the quality of care across all settings for patients who need extra help with their health and recovery, helping them to stay healthy and at home and avoid unnecessary hospitalizations.

More About Coordinated Care

As an Original Medicare beneficiary, you have the right to use any doctor or hospital who accepts Medicare, at any time. Still, we hope that you will consider a Premier Preferred Provider when you seek care; that way we’ll be able keep you within our Circle of Care to both guide healthier outcomes and give you a better service experience.

Finding Care

Finding the Right Physician

Choosing the right physician is important. Your primary care physician (PCP) is the coach of your healthcare team, and the first person you see for medical concerns. He or she will coordinate your healthcare needs with your care team to ensure you get the right care in the right setting. Your PCP will help you choose the best care options and connect you to the best resources, specialists and healthcare facilities available in the Premier PHC network. Click below to begin your search for Premier Preferred Providers.

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Finding Urgent Care

When you need care right away but can’t get in to see your regular doctor, a local urgent care center is a great option for quality care and treatment both during and after regular business hours. Urgent cares will often have shorter wait times and lower out-of-pocket costs when compared to an ER too.

If you are experiencing a medical emergency, you should always call 911. But, if you need care right away that’s not an emergency, please consider our preferred urgent care partners.

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Our Health Plans

Premier PHC works the following insurers and Health Plans:

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