Reporting Compliance Concerns

Premier Patient Healthcare LLC (“Premier”) is committed to continuously build a strong corporate culture of Integrity, Ethics and Compliance by all employees which is an essential component of its core business practices and is critical to the success of its mission. To promote an ongoing strong culture of compliance, Premier established a Compliance and Ethics Program. One of the key elements of Premier’s Compliance and Ethics Program is its Policy and Procedure regarding Reporting Compliance Concerns and the Compliance and Ethics Hotline.

Open Communication and Compliance and Ethics Hotline:

Premier is committed to open communication with employees as it relates to compliance, ethical and legal issues. All employees are encouraged to ask questions and report, in good faith, any known or suspected violation of law, Company’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, other Company Policies and Procedures or ethical wrongdoing to their supervisor, senior leadership management, the Legal or Compliance Departments. Alternatively, all employees have the option to report, in good faith, through Premier’s Compliance and Ethics Hotline, that allows employees to confidentially report, and anonymously report, if requested, compliance-related issues by calling 1-877-433-5586. Employees are encouraged to have open communication since remaining silent about a compliance concern prevents Premier from addressing the compliance concern and may potentially subject Premier to liability.

Compliance and Ethics Hotline for Other Concerned Parties:

Premier has also established its Compliance and Ethics Hotline for other concerned parties such as ACO Beneficiaries, ACO Participants, ACO Providers/Suppliers, Independent Contractors and Vendors of Premier to confidentially report compliance-related issues by calling 1-877-433-5586. Reporting parties may also choose to remain anonymous.

Investigation of Compliance Concerns:

Premier will thoroughly review all compliance concerns and reports of possible violations to determine the appropriate action to be taken.

Non-Retaliation and Non-Retribution Policy:

Premier understands that employees may not report compliance concerns if they feel they will be subject to retaliation or retribution for reporting compliance concerns. Therefore, Premier established a Non-Retaliation/Non-Retribution policy to reassure employees who wish to report concerns through their supervisor, senior leadership management, the Legal or Compliance Departments. It is the policy of Premier to strictly prohibit any acts of intimidation, coercion, harassment, threats, or retaliatory action against, any employee or any individual, who in good faith, reports a known or suspected violation of law or Premier’s Policies and Procedures. Anyone who is involved in any act of retaliation, retribution or any form of harassment against an individual in response to a good-faith report of a compliance concern will be subject to disciplinary action, up to an including termination. Any employee who engages in malicious or disingenuous reporting of compliance concerns will be subject to discipline, up to and including termination of employment.