About Premier Patient Healthcare

Formed to build a sustainable healthcare future for primary physicians and their patients

About Premier


PCPs and growing
Premier started with 12
independant physcians in 2013


Million savings generated in 2016, 12th most nationally among all MSSP ACOs


Premier PHC began with 20K assigned beneficiaries – Now over 45K and growing

What We Represent

Premier believes every patient deserves the chance to enjoy better health and quality of life, and every physician should be recognized for their contribution both financially and with respect. Our founding Principles, Values and Purpose serve as a reminder of the work we exist to do and the example we hope to set within the community.

Our Purpose

To create and sustain a thriving healthcare ecosystem that promotes successful, independent physicians, strengthens the patient-physician relationship and improves patient satisfaction and healthcare outcomes through quality, compassionate, coordinated care.


We will foster an environment that nurtures physicians, allowing them to draw from their core strengths to treat patients free of outside interference or financial concerns.


By giving each independent physician the attention they deserve, our network can influence change with the full strength of our size and numbers, for the greater good of our community.


Through technology and coordination, we will operate mindfully to eliminate duplication, waste and unnecessary expenditures to help providers build financially sustainable practices.


By prioritizing well-care over sick-care, patient satisfaction, and superior service experience, everything we do as an organization will lead to improved care and treatment for our patients.


Every provider is treated as an integral partner, every patient is cared for with time and respect, and every action we take is done so with integrity.


We will share in the responsibility for the success of our company, fulfill our administrative, managerial and care quality duties, and staff our regional and master boards with internal physician leaders to ensure the greater good for our partners and their patients.

Working Independently, Together

Our hardworking, independent physicians are entrepreneurs, and we are committed to providing them with tools, support and extra revenue streams designed to help them remain the sole owners of their practice and their destiny.

Patients are Priority

Caring for patients when and where they need is why our organization and our partner physicians are here. And through care coordination and other resources, we can give our patients a better experience and a healthier outcome.

Modeled for Success

Through our proprietary business model, resources for better care, improved communication and smoother processes, we’re structured to not just persevere in a changing healthcare landscape, but to flourish — on the local, state and national levels.

Connecting Better Outcomes

Our smart use of leading-edge technology makes life better for patients and physicians, by enabling transparency, real-time communication, eliminating duplication and waste, promoting the best in diagnostics and treatment, and improving cost-savings and healthier outcomes.

Our Structure – More than Just Medicare

Premier is a large family of companies anchored by Premier Management Company. Each company focuses on providing a tailored experience to different market segments, while enabling us to bring the benefits of our proven population management initiatives to an expanding range of patients and physicians.

Premier Physician Group

A first of its kind medical partnership in North Texas bringing together providers to offer elevated care experience to our common patients.

Premier Independent Physicians

Brick and mortar multi-specialty clinics established throughout Premier’s key service areas to provide a convenient one-stop care experience for physicians and patients alike.

Premier Ancillary Services

An integrated delivery network enabling Premier to provide seamless, direct ancillary care to patients in an outpatient setting.

Premier Care Community

A new, entry-level MSSP ACO for physicians new to Premier.

Become Part of Our Family

If you are: a medical, management or administrative professional looking for employment; a primary physician looking for contracting or alignment options; an ancillary or specialty provider looking for partnership options; or a business investor hoping to help build a stronger healthcare future; chances are Premier has an opportunity to match.

With us, you can:

Ensure a stable future for local, state and national healthcare systems

Make a difference, directly and indirectly helping independent physicians thrive

Improve patient care and help patients to live healthier , more fulfilling lives